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2024-06-06 09:17:27

How to See Someones Activity on Instagram 2024?

Although Instagram has removed the Following Activity Tab, you can still see some features like recent posts and comments from others. However, this doesn’t meet the needs of most users. Next, I’ll share some tricks on how to monitor the Instagram activity of the people you follow. If you’re looking for effective solutions, read on.

The Disappearance of Instagram’s Following Activity Tab

In 2019, users could tap the Heart icon and access the Following tab to see their friends’ activities, such as likes and comments. Now, this feature is no longer available.

Before, the Following tab let you view likes, follows, and comments from your friends. Instagram has since removed this tab because it wasn’t widely used and some users felt uncomfortable seeing certain content. As a result, the convenience of viewing Instagram following activity has ended.

Reasons for Removing the Following Activity Tab

Instagram decided to update its system and eliminate the Following Activity tab to simplify the tool. According to Victor Shah, Instagram’s head of product, most users were either unaware of the tab or didn’t use it.

Tip: If you want to track someone’s activity, consider using Dolphin Radar. This tool offers comprehensive monitoring of Instagram activities. More details will be provided in the next section. Keep reading!

How to See Someone’s Activity on Instagram Without Following/Being Friends

The need to see someone’s activity on Instagram is increasing. If you are not on their following list, the only solution is to make use of Instagram Activity Tracker — Dolphin Radar. Things like Instagram activities, likes, follows, comments from others, posted content, active times and so on can be easily tracked using this tool.

Simply enter the account of the person you want to track (as long as it’s a public account), and Dolphin Radar will start tracking. No installation is required, no access to your own Instagram account or user data, and the person being tracked will not know.

What Can Dolphin Radar Do?

With Dolphin Radar, for any Instagram account you decide to monitor, you can see:

· What posts the user liked

· Whose posts they like a lot

· New follows and when they followed them

· User interests tags generated based on the content they follow

The greatest feature of Dolphin Radar is its complete anonymity. You can get all the above information on any Instagram user with a public profile, without needing to follow them, and they won’t know you’re tracking their activity.

How do you use Dolphin Radar to track an Instagram account?

· Step 1: Head over to Dolphin Radar and sign up. Once you’re in, navigate to your Dashboard.

· Step 2: Add the Instagram account you’re interested in to your tracking list. Just a heads-up, though — Dolphin Radar’s tracking capabilities are limited to public Instagram accounts.

· Step 3: After adding the Instagram account to the tracking list, all you need to do is sit back and wait for Dolphin Radar to whip up a detailed analysis report for you.

How to See Someone’s Most Recent Posts on Instagram

Want to keep tabs on someone’s latest Instagram posts? Here are two methods to see someone’s most recent posts:

  1. News Feed Scroll: If you follow the person, simply go to your home page and scroll through your news feed to see if their latest post appears.
  2. Profile Visit: Alternatively, visit their profile page directly to view their recent posts.

Steps to Check Someone’s Instagram Posts:

  1. Use the search bar in Search & Explore on your mobile device to find the user by their username.
  2. On their profile, the most recent posts will be at the top, with older posts towards the bottom.
  3. Click on a specific post to see when it was shared.

Note: If the Instagram account is private, you need to follow the user and wait for them to accept your request to view their posts.

How to Know If Someone Is Online on Instagram

To check when someone was last online on Instagram, you need to be following them or have had a conversation with them on Instagram Direct Message.

Ways to See If Someone Is Online:

  1. Direct Messages: Go to your Instagram Direct Messages to see a list of all the people you’ve chatted with. Their most recent activity status (e.g., active 30m ago, seen, typing) will be displayed.
  2. Profile Check: Click on the user’s profile picture to see if they are online. A green dot or timestamp will indicate their activity status.
  3. Chat Activity: Open a friend’s chat to view their activity status on Instagram, such as being in the chat or using the camera.

Note: If the user’s Activity Status is turned off, you won’t be able to see their activity status using these methods.

How to See Who Someone Recently Followed on Instagram

Do you find it frustrating that the list of followers and following on Instagram isn’t in chronological order? Here’s a trick to find out who someone recently followed:

Steps to Check Recent Followers:

  1. Access Instagram through a web browser instead of the app.
  2. On the user’s profile page, click on Followers or Following. The web version often shows followers in a more chronological order compared to the app.

This method has been working so far, but there’s no guarantee it will continue to do so. Keep an eye out for any changes in Instagram’s interface.


When you want to secretly track someone’s Instagram activity without them knowing, whether it’s due to privacy concerns or trust issues, Dolphin Radar is a valuable tool. This Instagram activity tracker truly works and allows you to monitor the activity of friends or family without their knowledge.