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2024-07-02 10:22:26

How to see someone's very old activity on Instagram?

Learn how to view someone's old Instagram activity with our guide. Discover tips and tools for accessing historical posts, likes, and comments easily.

To see someone's very old activity on Instagram, you can utilize the advanced features of tools like DolphinRadar. Since Instagram removed the "Following" tab in 2019, which used to show the activity of the accounts you follow, you can no longer see other users' likes, follows, and comments directly on the platform. However, DolphinRadar offers a solution for this.

Here’s how you can see someone’s very old activity on Instagram using DolphinRadar:

Sign Up for DolphinRadar

First, head over to the DolphinRadar website and sign up for an account. This will give you access to their dashboard where you can manage the accounts you want to track.

Add the Account to Your Tracking List

After registering, add the Instagram account you wish to monitor to your tracking list. Note that DolphinRadar can only track public Instagram accounts. If the account you want to track is private, you will not be able to monitor its activities.

Access Historical Reports

DolphinRadar allows you to access historical activity. When you purchase a subscription plan and add an account to your dashboard, you’ll find an option to “Buy past reports.” You can select how many weeks back you’d like to review. This feature allows you to see Instagram like history from up to 36 weeks in the past​​.

Receive Detailed Activity Reports

Once the account is added and the historical report is purchased, DolphinRadar will generate a detailed report outlining the past activities of the monitored user. This includes likes, follows, and other interactions​​. You can view this free Instagram activity sample report to see the types of activity analysis DolphinRadar can provide.

Analyze the Reports

DolphinRadar provides comprehensive reports that include:

  • Weekly Reports: Regular updates on the likes, follows, and interactions of the monitored account​​.
  • Likes Details: A list of all likes made by the tracked account over the past week, including the accounts liked, the number of likes, and the content liked​​.
  • Interest Tags: Analysis of the content and accounts the user likes, displayed in a tag cloud format to show recent interests​​.

Benefits of Using DolphinRadar

  • Automated and Anonymous: The tool is designed to be automated, anonymous, and legal, ensuring the tracked user is unaware of the monitoring​​
  • Detailed Insights: Gain in-depth insights into the user's interests and activities, which can be useful for various purposes, such as monitoring competitors, understanding customer behavior, or even keeping tabs on a loved one’s activities online​​.


By using DolphinRadar, you can effectively track and monitor someone’s old Instagram activity even though Instagram itself no longer provides this functionality directly. This tool is ideal for those who need to keep track of detailed historical activity on Instagram in a discreet and comprehensive manner.