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Is there a way to see what posts someone likes on Instagram?

Discover how to see what posts someone likes on Instagram. Learn simple steps to track likes and understand Instagram activity with our detailed guide.

Why Do You Want to Check Other People's Likes on Instagram

Instagram is a platform where users share moments of their lives, but sometimes we get curious about others' interactions, especially the posts they like. Here are five scenarios where checking someone else's likes might be beneficial:

Checking Your Partner's Activity: In relationships, trust is crucial. However, occasional doubts may arise about your partner's online interactions. Checking their liked posts can provide peace of mind or highlight areas for discussion.

Monitoring Your Competitors: For businesses, understanding competitors' activities on Instagram can provide insights into their strategies. Knowing what your competitors are liking can help you understand their interests and tactics, allowing you to stay ahead in the market.

Keeping Up with Celebrities: Fans often want to stay updated with their favorite celebrities' preferences. By checking what celebrities like, fans can get a glimpse into their interests, whether it's the latest fashion, causes they support, or other celebrities they interact with.

Ensuring Teen Safety: Parents may wish to monitor their children's Instagram activity to ensure they are engaging with appropriate content. Understanding what posts their children are liking can help in guiding their online behavior and keeping them safe from harmful influences.

Improving Social Media Strategy: Influencers and marketers might want to see what posts their target audience likes to better tailor their content. This information can help in creating posts that resonate more with their followers, thereby increasing engagement.

Each of these scenarios illustrates a legitimate reason to be curious about someone else's likes on Instagram. However, it's essential to balance curiosity with respect for privacy.

Using Instagram's Native Features

Changes to Instagram's Policy on Checking Likes

In the past, Instagram allowed users to see what posts others liked through the "Following" tab in the activity feed. This feature showed a real-time feed of friends' activities, including the posts they liked and the accounts they followed. However, Instagram removed this feature in 2019 to enhance user privacy and reduce the pressure of constant social scrutiny.

How to Check Likes Using Instagram's Native Features

While the direct feature to see someone’s likes is no longer available, there are a few workarounds to gauge someone’s activity:

  1. Manual Checking: You can visit the profile of the person you are interested in and browse their recent posts. Look at the likes on these posts to see if the person in question has liked them. This method is time-consuming and only works for recent activities.
  2. Story Interactions: If the person you are monitoring frequently posts stories, you can see who has liked or interacted with their stories. This is visible only if you follow them and they have public interactions enabled.
  3. Mutual Friends’ Posts: Another indirect way is to check posts from mutual friends. If the person you are interested in often interacts with these mutual friends, you can see their likes and comments on these posts.

Shortcomings of Using Instagram's Native Features

  • Time-Consuming: Manually checking likes is inefficient and impractical, especially if the person likes many posts.
  • Limited Visibility: You can only see likes on posts that are visible to you, meaning private accounts or posts from non-mutual friends are hidden.
  • Inconsistent: Since Instagram no longer shows a centralized feed of liked posts, keeping track of someone's activity is inconsistent and fragmented.

These limitations make it challenging to reliably track someone’s Instagram likes using only the app’s native features. For more comprehensive monitoring, third-party tools like DolphinRadar offer a more robust solution.

Using Third-Party Tools to Check Other People's Instagram Likes

Introducing DolphinRadar

DolphinRadar is a sophisticated tool designed to track Instagram activities, including the posts that users like. Unlike manual methods, DolphinRadar provides a streamlined and efficient way to monitor interactions on Instagram.

How to Use DolphinRadar to Check Other People's Likes

Sign Up and Access: Register on the DolphinRadar website to create an account. The registration process is quick and straightforward, requiring minimal personal information.

Input Username: Enter the Instagram username of the person you want to monitor. DolphinRadar supports tracking public Instagram accounts, ensuring complete anonymity.

Generate Reports: Once the username is input, DolphinRadar begins collecting data. Depending on the account's activity level, this process might take some time. After data collection, you receive a detailed report outlining the person’s Instagram interactions.

What Data Insights DolphinRadar Provides

  • Liked Posts: A comprehensive list of posts the user has liked over a specific period.
  • New Follows: Information on new accounts the person has started following.
  • Interaction Patterns: Analysis of how often and when the user interacts with posts.
  • Interest Tags: Insights into the user’s interests based on their liked posts and followed accounts.
  • Top Interactors: Data on which accounts the user interacts with the most, including frequent likes and comments.

Here is a free sample Instagram activity report for kyliejenner provided by DolphinRadar.

DolphinRadar FAQ

Q: Is DolphinRadar Legal?
Yes, DolphinRadar complies with Instagram's policies by only tracking public accounts and aggregating data that is publicly available.

Q: Will the User Know They Are Being Tracked?
No, DolphinRadar operates discreetly, ensuring the monitored user remains unaware of the tracking.

Q: What are the Costs Involved?
DolphinRadar offers various subscription plans tailored to different needs, from individual users to businesses. Pricing details can be found on the DolphinRadar website.

Q: Can I Track Multiple Accounts?
Yes, DolphinRadar supports tracking multiple Instagram accounts, making it ideal for businesses and influencers.


Monitoring someone’s Instagram activity, especially the posts they like, can offer valuable insights into their interests and interactions. While Instagram’s native features have become limited in this aspect due to policy changes, third-party tools like DolphinRadar provide a comprehensive solution. DolphinRadar allows users to track likes, new follows, and interaction patterns discreetly and efficiently.

Whether you’re checking your partner’s likes, monitoring competitors, keeping up with celebrities, ensuring your teen’s safety, or enhancing your social media strategy, DolphinRadar is a powerful tool that can meet your needs. By leveraging its detailed reports and insights, you can stay informed and make data-driven decisions.