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2024-06-27 08:23:16

What is the Best Tool to Track Someone’s Instagram?

I’ve noticed that many people search on Quora and Google for “What is the best tool to track someone’s Instagram?” Many people are looking for effective ways to monitor Instagram activities. This article is specifically written to answer that question.

Why You Need to Be Cautious

Before diving into the best tools available, it’s important to note that you should exercise caution when using third-party Instagram tracking tools. Some of these programs might compromise your personal data and provide inaccurate information. After extensive research and personal testing, I can confidently say that the best Instagram tracker available is Dolphin Radar.

Why Dolphin Radar?

Dolphin Radar stands out for its safety and accuracy. One of the key features that set it apart is that it does not require access to your Instagram account. This means you don’t have to enter your Instagram login and password, significantly reducing the risk to your personal data. All you need is the username of the user you want to track.

Key Features of Dolphin Radar

Dolphin Radar allows you to monitor any user with a public profile. This includes tracking their likes, comments, and follows. Here are some of the reasons why Dolphin Radar is the best tool for this purpose:

  1. Security: It’s absolutely safe for your personal data since it doesn’t require your Instagram access.
  2. User-Friendly: You only need the Instagram nickname of the user you wish to follow, making it incredibly easy to use.
  3. Versatility:

· Business Use: Ideal for analyzing competitor follower activity, selecting effective hashtags, boosting engagement and reach, and developing a robust content strategy.

· Personal Use: Perfect for keeping an eye on your children, idols, boyfriends, girlfriends, or even ex-partners.

Subscription Plans

Dolphin Radar offers three types of subscription plans: Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual. The Quarterly and Annual plans come with additional benefits such as quarterly and annual summaries, historical post insights, top commenters insights, and CSV format report downloads. These plans also help you detect suspected accounts of the person you’re tracking on other social media platforms, making it even easier to monitor their activities.

Detailed Reports

The tool provides weekly reports in a user-friendly format. Any piece of information in the report is clickable, allowing you to view it directly on Instagram. For example, if the person you are tracking likes a photo, you can click to see the exact post. Additionally, you can access information for up to 36 weeks in the past.

How to Use DolphinRadar

DolphinRadar is an advanced tool that allows you to monitor Instagram activities anonymously. It provides detailed reports on what content is liked, who is followed, and overall engagement metrics. To get started:

  1. Sign Up: Create an account on DolphinRadar’s website.
  2. Enter Username: Input the Instagram username of the account you want to monitor.
  3. Generate Report: Wait for DolphinRadar to gather data and generate a comprehensive report.

Here’s an example of an activity report for Kylie Jenner’s Instagram: Kylie Jenner Activity Report.

I’ll use this example report tracking Kylie Jenner on Instagram to show you what insights you can gain from Dolphin Radar’s reports.

Overview of Someone’s Instagram Activity

Dolphin Radar offers a snapshot of someone’s Instagram activities over the past week. This includes their active time slots on Instagram, any changes in the accounts they follow (including new follows and unfollows), how many likes they’ve dished out, and the accounts they interact with the most.

Details on Likes

You’ll see a detailed list of all the likes someone has made on Instagram over the past week. This includes the accounts they liked, the number of likes, and the content of those likes. You can even click on user avatars and liked content to jump directly to the corresponding Instagram page or post.

Someone’s Instagram Interest Tags

Dolphin Radar uses big data analytics to analyze the content and accounts someone likes. Then, it displays their recent interests in a tag cloud format. When someone suddenly gets interested in stuff they never cared about before, keep an eye out!

· View past posts: You can now view your partner’s historical posts. Dolphin Radar offers a much more efficient way than checking his account post by post.

· View Top 5 Accounts With Most Comments

· View suspected accounts: Now, identify potential suspicious accounts linked to your tracked Instagram profile across Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, and Snapchat.

· Analytics now downloadable: Download the analytics and access all data in the CSV file, including details not shown above.


When it comes to tracking someone’s Instagram activity safely and effectively, Dolphin Radar is the best tool available. It offers a secure, easy-to-use, and comprehensive solution for both personal and business purposes. With various subscription plans and detailed reports, you can stay informed about the activities of the Instagram users you are interested in without compromising your personal data.

So, if you’re looking for the best tool to track someone’s Instagram, look no further than Dolphin Radar. It’s the safest and most reliable option on the market.