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How to See What Cristiano Ronaldo Likes on Instagram

Discover the methods to see what Cristiano Ronaldo likes on Instagram, including manual checks and exploring hashtags, to gain insights into his interests and activities.

Cristiano Ronaldo, a global soccer superstar, boasts over 300 million followers on Instagram, making him one of the most followed personalities on the platform. His influence extends beyond the soccer field into the realms of fashion, fitness, and lifestyle. Fans and followers are often curious about his preferences and activities on Instagram, especially the posts he likes.

How to Manually Check Ronaldo’s Likes on Instagram

How to Manually Check

Manually checking what Cristiano Ronaldo likes on Instagram requires some diligence and patience. While Instagram no longer has a dedicated tab to view someone else’s likes directly, there are still ways to explore this information manually:

Visit Ronaldo’s Profile: Go to Cristiano Ronaldo’s Instagram profile by searching for his username (@cristiano).Check his recent posts and explore the comments section, as he sometimes likes comments and posts from other users.

Check the Likes on Posts: Open any post you suspect Ronaldo might have liked.Tap on the number of likes under the post to see the list of users who liked it.Scroll through the list or use the search bar to look for Ronaldo’s username. If his name appears in the list, he has liked the post​.

Explore Hashtags and Tags: Search for popular hashtags or tags related to Ronaldo, such as #CR7, #Juventus, or #Nike.Look at the posts under these tags and check the likes list to see if Ronaldo has engaged with any content.

Frequent Check-Ins: Regularly check his profile and the profiles of accounts he follows. Sometimes, Ronaldo likes posts from accounts he follows or interacts with frequently.Keep an eye on the activity in real-time, as likes can accumulate and disappear quickly.

Limitations of Manual Checking

Time-Consuming: This method requires you to manually search through numerous posts, which can be quite time-intensive.

Incomplete Information: Instagram does not provide a straightforward way to view another user’s liked posts, so you might miss out on some interactions.

Privacy Settings: If Ronaldo or the account that posted the content has a private account, you won't be able to see the likes unless you follow each other​.

Use Third-Party Tools to Check Ronaldo’s Likes

DolphinRadar is Recommended

For a more efficient and comprehensive way to monitor Ronaldo’s Instagram likes, third-party tools like DolphinRadar are highly recommended. DolphinRadar offers detailed insights into Instagram activities, making it easier to track likes, follows, and interactions.

How DolphinRadar Works

DolphinRadar simplifies the process of tracking Instagram activities by providing detailed reports on user interactions. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign Up and Access: Create an account on DolphinRadar and gain access to their tracking tools. The user-friendly interface ensures a smooth setup process.
  2. Enter Ronaldo’s Username: Input Ronaldo’s Instagram username into the tracking system. DolphinRadar will start collecting data on his activities.
  3. Receive Detailed Reports: DolphinRadar generates comprehensive reports on Ronaldo’s Instagram activities, including liked posts, followed accounts, and interactions.
  4. Data Analysis: The platform provides tools to analyze the data, helping you understand Ronaldo’s preferences and trends over time.

Instagram Activity Report Provided by DolphinRadar

DolphinRadar’s Instagram activity reports offer a wealth of information. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:

Ronaldo’s Likes

DolphinRadar tracks the content Ronaldo likes during the monitoring period. For example, using a report from another high-profile user like Kylie Jenner, you can see a list of posts she liked, and click through to view the original content. Similarly, Ronaldo’s likes will be compiled into an easily navigable format.

Ronaldo's Growth Report

The growth report analyzes Ronaldo's follower growth over time. This can be viewed for free and provides insights into how his fan base evolves, particularly after significant events or endorsements.

Other Basic Activities of Ronaldo's Instagram Account

In addition to likes, DolphinRadar tracks who Ronaldo follows and unfollows during the tracking period. It also monitors the posts he publishes, giving a comprehensive overview of his account activity.

Advanced Insights of Ronaldo's Instagram Account

DolphinRadar offers advanced insights into Ronaldo’s Instagram activity, such as:

Most Frequent Interactions: Accounts Ronaldo interacts with most frequently.

Active Time Periods: Ronaldo’s most active times on Instagram.

Recent Interest Tags: Tags and topics Ronaldo is currently interested in.


Here are some frequently asked questions about using DolphinRadar to track Ronaldo’s Instagram likes:

Q: Is it legal to use DolphinRadar for tracking Instagram activities?
A: Yes, DolphinRadar adheres to Instagram’s terms of service by only tracking publicly available information.

Q: Can DolphinRadar track private accounts?
A: No, DolphinRadar can only track activities from public accounts or accounts.

Q: Is my data safe with DolphinRadar?
There's no need to provide your Instagram account details, ensuring your account remains completely secure and confidential. Additionally, DolphinRadar's services are in full compliance with Instagram's policies, providing services within these guidelines.


Understanding what Ronaldo likes on Instagram can provide valuable insights into his preferences and interests. While manual checking is an option, it is time-consuming and incomplete. DolphinRadar offers a more efficient and comprehensive solution, providing detailed reports and advanced insights into Ronaldo’s Instagram activities. Whether for personal curiosity or marketing strategies, tools like DolphinRadar can help you stay updated on Ronaldo’s digital footprint effortlessly.