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2024-06-21 02:09:30

What’s New on Instagram in 2024: New Features and Updates

In 2024, Instagram remains one of the most influential social media platforms, boasting over 2.35 billion users globally. This constant evolution means Instagram frequently introduces new features and updates. This article will guide you through the latest Instagram updates for 2024 and some significant changes from 2023 you might have missed.

We’ve compiled this comprehensive blog post to keep you informed about all the essential Instagram changes in one place, helping you leverage them for your strategies.

We’ll start with the newest Instagram updates and then review older but still important ones. Let’s dive into the latest features Instagram has introduced.

Instagram’s New Look

In May 2024, Instagram underwent another visual overhaul. This time, they made subtle changes, such as removing colors from CTA buttons in user bios and other cosmetic tweaks. One of the most noticeable visual changes is the updated look of Stickers in Instagram Stories.

Edit Your Instagram DMs

Worried about a typo or an incorrect message? Instagram now allows you to edit your messages up to 15 minutes after sending them. To edit a message, press and hold it, then select “edit” from the menu.


Pin Chats to the Top of Your Inbox

If you receive many messages on Instagram, you can now pin important conversations to the top of your inbox. Swipe left on the chat or press and hold it, then select “pin.” You can unpin the chat whenever you choose.


Use Promo Codes Directly on Instagram

When shopping through ads on Facebook and Instagram, you can now use promo codes. These codes can be applied automatically at checkout or manually copied and pasted.


Group Chat Conversation Starters in Notes

Instagram is testing a new feature called Notes prompts, which allows users to post frequently used conversation starters in group chats. This feature helps to engage group members by letting them see and respond to questions in a visible-to-all panel.

Instagram DM Themes

Customizing your Instagram DMs is now possible with the introduction of DM themes. To change the theme of your chat, tap the arrow button in the top right of the feed, select a conversation, tap the chat name at the top, and then choose your preferred theme.

AI Stickers for Stories and DMs

Instagram has introduced AI stickers, allowing users to create custom stickers using artificial intelligence. Simply find the ‘AI stickers’ sticker, type what you want AI to generate, and you’re set!

Zoom in on Instagram Profile Pictures

Instead of using third-party apps to view Instagram profile pictures in full size, you can now do this directly within the Instagram app by pressing and holding a user’s profile picture on their profile page.

Location Tags in Instagram Notes

Instagram is testing location tags in Notes, allowing a select group of users to add location tags that link to the Instagram location page for a given place.

Instagram’s New App: Threads

Threads, a new app from Instagram, allows users to post threads, reply to others, and follow profiles of interest. This app is a direct competitor to Twitter, offering various forms of threads and replies, including text, links, photos, and videos.

Instagram’s Group Profile Feature

Instagram is testing a group profile feature that lets multiple users collaborate and share content on a single page, similar to Facebook Groups. This feature aims to foster collaboration and collective content creation.

Multiple Links in Bio

Instagram now allows users to add multiple links in their bio, potentially replacing paid services like Linktree. To use this feature, tap “Edit profile,” then “Links,” and “Add external link.” You can drag and drop the links to arrange them.

Schedule Posts Within the Instagram App

Instagram now offers a feature to schedule posts within the app itself. To schedule a post, go to Advanced Settings while creating your post, click on Schedule, and set the desired publication time.

Ad-Free Instagram Feed

You can now browse your Instagram feed without suggested posts or ads. To access this, click on Instagram in the top left corner and choose “Following,” which will filter your feed to show posts only from the people you follow.

By keeping up with these updates, you can optimize your Instagram experience and leverage the platform’s new features for better engagement and marketing strategies. For more updates on Instagram’s features and policies, be sure to follow Dolphin Radar.