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How to See What Hailey Bieber Likes on Instagram

Learn how to see what Hailey Bieber likes on Instagram using native features and simple techniques to track her interactions and activities.

Hailey Bieber, a prominent public figure and wife of pop superstar Justin Bieber, has a massive following on Instagram. Her posts often go viral, and many people are curious about her likes and interactions on the platform. Understanding what Hailey Bieber likes on Instagram can provide insights into her interests, trends she follows, and her social media behavior.

Using Instagram's Native Features to View Likes

Instagram has undergone several changes over the years regarding privacy and the visibility of users' activities. In the past, it was easier to see the likes and comments of the people you follow. However, Instagram's policy changes have affected how much you can see of other users' activities.

Instagram's Policy Changes

In an effort to enhance user privacy and reduce social pressure, Instagram removed the 'Following' activity tab in 2019. This tab allowed users to see the likes, comments, and follows of the people they followed. As a result, you can no longer see a detailed list of what posts other users like directly through Instagram.

Viewing Likes on Instagram

While Instagram doesn't provide a direct way to see another user's likes anymore, you can still get an idea by looking at the posts themselves. If Hailey Bieber has liked a public post, her name might appear in the list of likes, especially if she is one of the more prominent or recent likers. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Visit Hailey Bieber's Profile: Check out the posts she has made. Sometimes, influencers will like posts they are tagged in or posts related to their content.
  2. Browse Through Her Followers' Posts: Follow accounts that Hailey follows. Check their posts to see if she has liked them.

  1. Use the Search Function: Use Instagram’s search feature to look up hashtags and accounts related to Hailey Bieber. Browse through the posts under these hashtags to see if she has liked any of them.

Drawbacks of Using Instagram's Native Features

While the above methods can provide some information, there are significant drawbacks to relying solely on Instagram's native features to view likes:

Limited Visibility: Instagram’s policy changes mean you can no longer see a comprehensive list of another user’s likes. This makes it difficult to get a complete picture of their activity.

Time-Consuming: Manually searching through posts and accounts to find likes is time-consuming and inefficient. It requires constant monitoring and a lot of effort.

Incomplete Data: Even if you find some of the posts Hailey Bieber has liked, you won’t be able to see all her likes, especially if she likes posts from less popular accounts or those that are quickly buried in her activity.

No Historical Data: Instagram does not provide historical data of likes. Once the like is removed or the post is deleted, there’s no way to track that activity.

Privacy Concerns: While browsing through public posts is legal, it can feel invasive and uncomfortable to dig into someone’s social media activities manually.

Use Third-Party Tools to View Likes

For a more comprehensive and user-friendly approach, you can use third-party tools like DolphinRadar.

What is DolphinRadar?

DolphinRadar is an advanced social media tracking tool designed to provide detailed insights into Instagram activities. It allows users to monitor likes, follows, and other interactions of public Instagram accounts. This tool is particularly useful for tracking celebrities and influencers, providing a comprehensive overview of their Instagram activities.

How DolphinRadar Provides Hailey Bieber's Likes

DolphinRadar simplifies the process of viewing Hailey Bieber's likes. Here’s how it works:

  1. Enter Hailey Bieber's Username: Start by entering Hailey Bieber's Instagram handle into DolphinRadar's search function.
  2. Automatic Tracking: DolphinRadar begins tracking her activity, compiling data on posts she likes, comments on, and interacts with.
  3. Visual Reports: DolphinRadar provides a visual report of Hailey Bieber's likes. This includes a timeline of her likes, categorized content, and even links directly to the posts she liked.

Taking the example report of kyliejenner provided on Dolphinradar as an example, you can see what kyliejenner liked during the tracking period, and click to jump directly to the corresponding post content.

What Other Instagram Activities Does DolphinRadar Provide Besides Likes

DolphinRadar is not limited to tracking likes. It offers a suite of features that provide a holistic view of an Instagram account’s activity. Here are some additional activities you can track for Hailey Bieber:

Hailey Bieber's Instagram Growth Report

Track the changes in her follower count over time. Growth report can show spikes in followers, helping you understand which events or posts led to increased follower activity.

Hailey Bieber's Follow Data

View the accounts Hailey Bieber has recently followed or unfollowed. This can give insights into her current interests and professional network.

Hailey Bieber's Peak Activity Period

Identify the times when Hailey is most active on Instagram. This can help you understand her engagement patterns and when she is most likely to post or interact with content.

Hailey Bieber's Recent Likes and Interest Tags

See a list of her recent likes and the tags associated with these posts. This feature helps you understand her current interests and the type of content she engages with.

Hailey Bieber's High-Frequency Interactive Accounts

Find out which accounts Hailey interacts with the most. This can include frequent comments, likes, and tags, providing a clearer picture of her social circle on Instagram.

Why Choose DolphinRadar

There are several reasons to choose DolphinRadar for tracking Instagram activities:

  1. Anonymity: DolphinRadar allows you to monitor activities without being detected. Hailey Bieber or any other user will not know they are being tracked.
  2. Complete Data Reports: The tool provides detailed and comprehensive reports that are easy to understand and use.
  3. Fully Automatic: Once you set up the tracking, DolphinRadar handles everything automatically, saving you time and effort.


Can I see who Hailey Bieber follows?
Yes, by using DolphinRadar, you can track who Hailey Bieber follows and unfollows on Instagram.

Is DolphinRadar legal to use?
DolphinRadar only tracks public Instagram accounts and activities that are visible to any Instagram user. It does not access private or restricted data, making it legal and ethical to use.

Can I track multiple accounts with DolphinRadar?
Yes, DolphinRadar allows you to track multiple accounts simultaneously, making it ideal for monitoring various celebrities and influencers.