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2024-06-17 04:05:45

Top Instagram Accounts to Follow for UEFA Euro 2024

Discover the must-follow Instagram accounts for UEFA Euro 2024 to stay updated on the latest matches, player activities, and behind-the-scenes moments.

With UEFA Euro 2024 just around the corner, football fans worldwide are gearing up for the excitement and drama that comes with this prestigious tournament. To stay updated with all the latest happenings, following the right Instagram accounts is crucial. In this article, we'll highlight the must-follow Instagram accounts for UEFA Euro 2024, including official UEFA accounts, national teams, and star players. Plus, we’ll show you how DolphinRadar can help you efficiently track these accounts for a seamless experience.

UEFA Euro 2024 Instagram Accounts to Follow

UEFA Euro 2024 promises thrilling matches and memorable moments. Here are the top Instagram accounts you should follow to stay updated.

Official UEFA Euro 2024 Accounts

  • EURO 2024 (@euro2024): This account provides official updates, match highlights, and exclusive behind-the-scenes content from UEFA.

Top National Teams to Follow

  • England (@england): The official account of the England national football team provides match updates, player interviews, and exclusive training ground footage.

  • France (@equipedefrance): Follow the French national team for a mix of match previews, player features, and fan engagement activities.
  • Germany (@dfb_team): The German national team’s account offers a deep dive into player preparations, team news, and match-day excitement.

Star Players to Follow

  • Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano): One of the greatest footballers, Ronaldo’s Instagram provides a mix of personal life, training routines, and match-day preparations.
  • Kylian Mbappe (@k.mbappe): Follow Mbappe for an inside look at his life, on and off the pitch, including training sessions, endorsements, and match highlights.
  • Harry Kane (@harrykane): England’s star striker shares his journey, from training sessions to match highlights and personal moments.
  • Kevin De Bruyne (@kevindebruyne): Get insights into the life of one of the best midfielders, including behind-the-scenes content and match insights.
  • Sergio Ramos (@sergioramos): Follow the legendary defender for updates on his training, matches, and personal life.

How to Efficiently Track These Instagram Accounts

Following all these accounts individually can be time-consuming. This is where an Instagram account tracker like DolphinRadar can be invaluable.

Best Instagram Account Tracker: DolphinRadar

DolphinRadar is a powerful tool designed to help you track Instagram activities effortlessly. It provides comprehensive insights into the accounts you follow, ensuring you never miss an update.

What DolphinRadar Reports Offer

Basic Insights

  • New Followers & Unfollowers: See which new accounts have followed or unfollowed your target accounts recently.
  • Likes: Track which posts your target accounts have liked, providing insights into their preferences.
  • Historical Posts: View all posts made by your target accounts during the tracking period.

  • Mentions (@account): Find out which accounts have been mentioned by your target accounts.

Advanced Insights

  • High Activity Periods: Discover when the tracked accounts are most active on Instagram.
  • Interest Tags: See which tags and topics are of most interest to the accounts you are tracking.
  • User Sentiment: Analyze comments and interactions to understand the general sentiment towards the tracked accounts.

Here is a sample tracking report on Real Madrid. It provides a clearer understanding of the services DolphinRadar offers.

How to Use DolphinRadar

  1. Sign Up: Register on the DolphinRadar website and choose a subscription plan that suits your needs.
  2. Add Accounts: Input the Instagram usernames of the accounts you want to track.
  3. Get Reports: Receive detailed reports on the activities of these accounts, including new followers, liked posts, and peak activity periods.


Staying updated with UEFA Euro 2024 has never been easier. By following these top Instagram accounts, you'll be at the forefront of all the action, drama, and excitement that this tournament promises. For a more efficient and comprehensive tracking experience, consider using DolphinRadar. It not only simplifies the process but also provides deeper insights, helping you stay connected with your favorite teams and players throughout UEFA Euro 2024.