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2024-06-03 09:57:02

Tracking the Stars of the Volleyball Court: Instagram Insights from the Paris Olympics

As the excitement builds around the volleyball league at the upcoming Paris Olympics, fans are not just watching the games; they are also keenly following their favorite athletes on Instagram. Understanding how to track these athletes’ activities on Instagram can offer fans unique insights into their daily lives, training routines, and behind-the-scenes moments. Here’s how you can use Instagram activity tracking to keep up with the top volleyball players competing in Paris.

Why Track Volleyball Players on Instagram?

Instagram provides a direct window into the personal and professional lives of athletes. By following their accounts, fans can get a closer look at what it takes to prepare for the Olympics, the ups and downs of competitive sports, and the personal milestones that occur along the way. For fans, tracking their favorite athletes on Instagram can enhance the overall experience of the Olympic games.

Top Volleyball Players to Follow on Instagram for the Paris Olympics

Here are a few volleyball stars known for their dynamic presence both on and off the court, whose Instagram accounts are worth following:

1. Tijana Bošković (@tijanaboskovic)

· Followers: 14.5K+

· Content Highlights: Tijana often shares clips from her training sessions, match highlights, and snapshots of her travels and downtime. Her Instagram feed is a mix of high-energy game photos and personal life updates.

2. Paola Egonu (@paolaegonu)

· Followers: 484K+

· Content Highlights: As one of the most explosive players in women’s volleyball, Paola shares everything from her intense workouts to moments of personal achievement and reflections on her career.

3. Jordan Larson (@gov1007)

· Followers: 160K+

· Content Highlights: An American volleyball legend, Jordan Larson’s Instagram features motivational posts, teamwork moments, personal life snapshots, and her journey in various international and club competitions.

4. Giovana Braga (Gi) (@gia__day)

· Followers: 190K+

· Content Highlights: Brazilian volleyball player Giovana Braga often posts behind-the-scenes looks at her training, matches, and fun off-court moments with teammates and family.

5. Kelsey Robinson ( @krobin32)

· Followers: 181K+

· Content Highlights: Kelsey’s Instagram is a vibrant mix of her travels, training routines, nutrition tips, and life as a professional athlete, offering a well-rounded view of her life on and off the volleyball court.

6. Zhu Ting (@zhuting1129)

· Followers: 98.5K+

· Content Highlights: One of China’s most outstanding volleyball talents, Zhu Ting shares updates from her professional games, endorsements, and personal reflections that provide a glimpse into the life of a top athlete.

Here’s how you can track your favorite volleyball stars’ Instagram account with Dolphin Radar:

Step 1: Head over to Dolphin Radar and sign up. Once you’re in, navigate to your Dashboard.

Step 2: Add the Instagram account of the volleyball star you want to track to your tracking list. Just a heads-up, though — Dolphin Radar’s tracking capabilities are limited to public Instagram accounts.

Step 3: After adding the volleyball star’s Instagram account to the tracking list, all you need to do is sit back and wait for Dolphin Radar to whip up a detailed analysis report for you.


By tracking the Instagram activity of volleyball stars, fans can feel a deeper connection to their favorite athletes and gain a fuller appreciation of their journeys to and performances at the Paris Olympics. With Instagram as your guide, you’re not just a spectator; you’re part of the experience, cheering on your heroes from wherever you are.