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Follow and Track Top Makeup Influencers on Instagram in 2024

Instagram remains a vibrant platform for trendsetters and innovative creators. The makeup scene on Instagram is more dynamic than ever, with a multitude of talented artists showcasing their skills and inspiring millions. In this blog post, we will spotlight some of the top makeup Instagram influencers of 2024, who captivate their followers with creativity, expertise, and distinctive styles. Discover the impact of seeing these influencers’ daily activities on Instagram and how they continuously push the boundaries of beauty and expression.

If you’re eager to get insider tips, see breathtaking transformations, and learn about the hottest products, following these influencers is a must. Here’s your guide to the top makeup influencers of 2024 whose feeds are a mix of inspiration, education, and dazzling artistry. Dive into the vibrant world of these trendsetters and see what makes them tick!

Top Makeup Influencers Lighting Up Instagram in 2024

1. Nikkie de Jager (@nikkietutorials)

· Nikkie is renowned for her “Power of Makeup” series, demonstrating how makeup transforms not just faces, but also confidence levels. Her content is a blend of elaborate makeup tutorials, product reviews, and collaborations with celebrities. Fans love her for her transparency, especially about her journey as a transgender woman, which adds depth to her vibrant and inclusive beauty philosophy.

2. James Charles (@jamescharles)

· James is all about bold and boundary-pushing beauty looks. He’s known for his intricate eye makeup and full-face transformations that often incorporate glitter and vivid colors. His style is playful and experimental, which resonates well with a younger audience that values creativity and self-expression. Fans appreciate his commitment to diversity and his willingness to address controversies directly.

3. Huda Kattan ( @hudabeauty)

· As a beauty entrepreneur, Huda not only showcases her own product line but also provides makeup tutorials and beauty hacks. Her Instagram is packed with glamorous looks, skincare routines, and beauty challenges. Her Middle Eastern heritage influences many of her makeup styles, making her popular among both Western and Eastern audiences. Fans admire her hustle and consider her a role model in the beauty industry.

4. Jeffree Star (@jeffreestar)

· Jeffree’s Instagram is a mix of luxury lifestyle, vibrant makeup looks, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of his beauty brand. Known for his unapologetic attitude and flamboyant style, he often discusses product honesty, which makes him a trusted voice in the beauty community. Fans are drawn to his dramatic aesthetics and straightforward product reviews.

5. Manny Gutierrez (@mannymua733)

· Manny’s feed features a mix of makeup tutorials, lifestyle content, and candid discussions about his life challenges and achievements. His warm, approachable manner and advocacy for men in makeup have helped him build a loyal following. Fans praise his authenticity and relatable personality.

6. Michelle Phan (@michellephan)

· Michelle, one of the OG YouTube beauty influencers, has a feed filled with artistic and almost ethereal makeup looks. She often combines her love for anime and fantasy into her makeup tutorials, making her content distinctive and whimsical. Her fans admire her for being a pioneer in the digital beauty space and appreciate her journey from a beauty vlogger to a successful entrepreneur.

7. Desi Perkins (@desiperkins)

· Desi is known for her flawless makeup techniques and her ability to create both high-glam and natural looks. Her content often includes detailed tutorials on achieving celebrity makeup styles, personal vlogs, and fashion styling tips. Fans love her for her chic style and her detailed, easy-to-follow makeup tutorials.

8. Bretman Rock (@bretmanrock)

· Bretman’s Instagram is as vibrant as his personality. Known for his humor and no-filter attitude, his content spans daring makeup looks, fitness routines, and hilarious skits. His charismatic and sassy personality makes every post entertaining. Fans adore his boldness and comedic relief.

9. Jaclyn Hill (@jaclynhill)

· Jaclyn combines personal storytelling with professional-grade makeup tutorials, including launches from her own cosmetics line. Known for her detailed and engaging makeup tutorials, Jaclyn creates a personal connection with her followers. Fans are particularly drawn to her charismatic teaching style and her candidness about personal and professional ups and downs.

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