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2024-05-28 07:21:54

Tracking Celebrities at the Monaco Grand Prix 2024

The Monaco Grand Prix is not just a significant event in the racing calendar; it’s also a magnet for celebrities and influencers. With the 2024 edition around the corner, fans are eager to see which stars will grace the event. Tracking the Instagram activity of these celebrities can give fans a unique glimpse into their interests, interactions, and experiences. Here’s a closer look at how you can follow the Instagram activity of some of the top celebrities attending the Monaco Grand Prix 2024.

Why Track Celebrity Instagram Activity?

Tracking the Instagram activity of celebrities offers several benefits for fans:

· Stay Updated: See what your favorite celebrities are posting during the event.

· Discover Interests: Learn about the latest trends, brands, and events they are interested in through their likes and follows.

· Engage More Deeply: Get a sense of their personal preferences and what they are currently passionate about.

Top Celebrities to Follow at the Monaco Grand Prix 2024

1. Anya Taylor-Joy

Instagram Handle: @anyataylorjoy

Anya Taylor-Joy, known for her captivating roles in films and series like “The Queen’s Gambit,” is a fashion icon and a rising star. Tracking her Instagram activity can reveal the latest fashion trends and behind-the-scenes glimpses of her glamorous life.

2. Joe Jonas

Instagram Handle: @joejonasIn

Joe Jonas, a member of the Jonas Brothers, often shares insights into his music career, personal life, and adventures with his wife, Sophie Turner. Fans can follow his likes and new follows to get a sense of the music and entertainment that influences him.

3. Emily Ratajkowski

Instagram Handle: @emrata

Emily Ratajkowski is a model, actress, and author who uses her platform to discuss fashion, beauty, and social issues. By tracking her Instagram activity, fans can stay updated on her latest projects and advocacies.

4. Jared Leto

Instagram Handle: @jaredleto

Jared Leto, an actor and musician, is known for his eclectic style and diverse interests. Following his Instagram activity can provide insights into his artistic influences and upcoming projects.

5. Alexandra Daddario

Instagram Handle: @alexandradaddario

Alexandra Daddario is an actress who frequently shares her travel adventures, behind-the-scenes moments from sets, and fitness routines. Her Instagram activity can be a source of inspiration for travel and lifestyle enthusiasts.

6. Michael Douglas

Instagram Handle: @michaelkirkdouglas

Veteran actor Michael Douglas often posts about his family, film projects, and philanthropic efforts. Tracking his Instagram activity can give fans a deeper understanding of his career and personal passions.

7. Peggy Gou

Instagram Handle: @peggygou_

Peggy Gou is a renowned DJ and fashion icon who blends her musical talent with a keen sense of style. Following her Instagram activity can keep fans in the loop about the latest in music and fashion.

Using Dolphin Radar to Track Instagram Activity

To effectively track the Instagram activities of these celebrities, Dolphin Radar is an excellent tool. Here’s how it works:

· Posts Liked by the Celebrity: See the posts that your favorite celebrities have liked.

· Who Published the Liked Posts: Identify the influencers and accounts that have caught their attention.

· New Accounts Followed: Discover new and interesting accounts that the celebrities start following.

· Top Hashtags: Understand the trends and topics that the celebrities are interested in by analyzing the hashtags they engage with.

Sample Dolphin Radar Tracking Report


The Monaco Grand Prix 2024 promises to be a star-studded event, and by using tools like Dolphin Radar to track Instagram activity, fans can stay updated on the lives of their favorite celebrities. From Anya Taylor-Joy’s fashion updates to Jared Leto’s artistic pursuits, there’s a wealth of information to be discovered. Dive into the world of Instagram tracking and get closer to the stars you admire.