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How to Track Someone’s Likes on Instagram

Tracking someone’s likes on Instagram can provide valuable insights into their preferences, interests, and online behavior. Whether you are a marketer, an influencer, a parent, or just a curious individual, understanding how to track someone’s likes on Instagram can help you tailor your content and engagement strategies. This guide will walk you through the various methods and tools available to track someone’s likes on Instagram effectively.

Why Track Someone’s Likes on Instagram?

Before diving into the how, it’s essential to understand the why. Tracking someone’s likes on Instagram can help you:

· Understand Interests: By seeing what content someone likes, you can gain insights into their preferences and interests.

· Tailor Content: For marketers and influencers, this information is crucial for creating content that resonates with your target audience.

· Monitor Competitors: Keeping an eye on what your competitors are liking can reveal trends and strategies they are using.

· Parental Monitoring: For parents, tracking likes can provide insights into their children’s online activities and interests.

· Fan Engagement: For fans, tracking the likes of celebrities or influencers can help in staying updated with their preferences and engaging more meaningfully with their content.

Using Instagram’s Native Features

Instagram itself provides some native features that can help you get a glimpse of what someone is liking, though it’s somewhat limited compared to third-party tools.

Manual Check

  1. Visit Profiles: Visit the profiles of the people they follow and check the posts for likes. This method is time-consuming and not very efficient but can give you a general idea.
  2. Comments and Tags: Sometimes, people leave comments or are tagged in posts they like. Checking these interactions can provide additional insights.

Third-Party Tools for Tracking Likes

Are you curious about what’s happening on someone’s Instagram? Check this out: Dolphin Radar can be your go-to tool for keeping tabs on his Insta activities. And guess what? It’s totally automated, anonymous, and legal.

how you can track your someone’s Instagram account with Dolphin Radar

· Step 1: Head over to Dolphin Radar and sign up. Once you’re in, navigate to your Dashboard.

· Step 2: Add someone’s Instagram account to your tracking list. Just a heads-up, though — Dolphin Radar’s tracking capabilities are limited to public Instagram accounts.

· Step 3: After adding his Instagram account to the tracking list, all you need to do is sit back and wait for Dolphin Radar to whip up a detailed analysis report for you.

What kind of info you can dig up with Dolphin Radar’s Instagram activity tracking reports?

Here’s a sneak peek at Dolphin Radar’s Activity Analytics Sample, which you can use to see if their service meets your needs. I’ve also put together a quick rundown of the info to help you out. Hope this helps!

Overview Someone’s Instagram Activity

Dolphin Radar offers a snapshot of your someone’s Instagram activities over the past week. This includes his active time slots on Instagram, any changes in the accounts he follows (including new follows and unfollows), how many likes he’s dished out, and the accounts he interacts with the most.

Details on Likes

You’ll see a detailed list of all the likes someone has made on Instagram over the past week. This includes the accounts he liked, the number of likes, and the content of those likes. You can even click on user avatars and liked content to jump directly to the corresponding Instagram page or post. This makes it easier for you to check if his likes raise any red flags.

Instagram Interest Tags

Dolphin Radar uses big data analytics to analyze the content and accounts someone likes. Then, it displays his recent interests in a tag cloud format.

Here’s what’s new in Dolphin Radar after the upgrade:

· View past posts: Following our April 22nd update, you can now view your someone’s historical posts. Dolphin Radar offers a much more efficient way than checking his account post by post.

· View Top 5 Accounts With Most Comments

· View suspected accounts: Dolphin Radar’s tracking has leveled up! Now, identify potential suspicious accounts linked to your tracked Instagram profile across Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, and Snapchat.

· Analytics now downloadable: Download the analytics and access all data in the CSV file, including details not shown above.

Additionally, depending on the subscription plan, monthly, quarterly, and annual tracking reports will be sent.

Practical Applications

Understanding how to track someone’s likes on Instagram can be applied in various practical scenarios:

Marketing and Content Creation

For marketers and influencers, tracking likes can help tailor content to the preferences of your audience. By knowing what your target demographic engages with, you can create more relevant and appealing content.

Competitor Analysis

Monitoring what your competitors are liking can reveal industry trends and strategies. This information can help you stay ahead of the competition and adapt your approach accordingly.

Parental Monitoring

Parents can use tracking tools to understand what their children are engaging with on Instagram. This can help ensure that their children are interacting with appropriate content and staying safe online.

Fan Engagement

Fans can use tracking tools to keep up with their favorite celebrities or influencers. By knowing what their idols like, fans can engage more meaningfully and stay updated on their latest interests and trends.


Tracking someone’s likes on Instagram can provide valuable insights that enhance your social media strategy, whether for personal or professional use.

Remember to approach this practice ethically and responsibly, respecting privacy and legal boundaries. With the right tools and strategies, you can effectively track likes on Instagram and use this information to inform your content and engagement efforts.