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2024-05-17 07:29:02

How To See Other People’s Likes On Instagram

Social media offers a unique way to connect with friends, family, and your favorite celebrities. Previously, getting to know celebrities required scouring gossip magazines for insights into their likes, dislikes, and interests. Now, platforms like Instagram provide a deeper look into their daily lives.

However, although Instagram posts are revealing, you can glean more about someone by the posts they like, follow, and comment on. Unfortunately, Instagram removed the ‘following’ activity tab in 2019, which previously allowed users to see others’ likes, leaving many in the dark.

Fortunately for those curious about their friends, family, and celebrity idols, Dolphin Radar offers a solution. This Instagram Activity Tracker uncovers the Instagram activities that aren’t visible in the app. We’ll explain how this user-friendly tracker allows you to view someone’s likes on Instagram and explore other benefits of using Dolphin Radar.

How to See What People Liked on Instagram

While there are dubious methods out there claiming to show you other people’s likes on Instagram, Dolphin Radar is the real deal.

Whether you’re tracking your children, friends, partners, or key clients, or following celebrities or KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders), Dolphin Radar meets your needs. For a deeper understanding of someone, consider an annual tracking subscription, which includes not only monthly reports but also quarterly and yearly summaries. Additional features include discovering suspicious accounts on five platforms, insights into historical posts and top commenters, and the ability to download CSV reports.

Choose Who To Track

After signing up for a plan, navigate to the Dolphin Radar Dashboard to access activity reports of the accounts you’re tracking. Simply add accounts by entering their Instagram username and wait for Dolphin Radar to generate the tracking report. You can also add historical report tracking, with coverage up to the past 36 weeks. Don’t worry — the tracked users won’t know you’re monitoring them!

Access Data Reports

Dolphin Radar compiles a comprehensive array of information about someone’s Instagram activity into an easy-to-read report. These data reports include the total number of likes and follows for the selected period.

The activity report also identifies who their favorite user is, showing the account whose posts they liked the most. This provides valuable insight into whom they interact with most on Instagram.

Not only can you see what people liked on Instagram, but you can also discover the hashtags they favored most, such as #fashion or #art. This gives you a better idea of the content they view and their general interests.

Why Do I Want to See Someone’s Likes on Instagram?

There are many reasons to see someone’s likes on Instagram. While the photos and videos we post show a curated image we want to project to the world, our likes reveal our true interests — highlighting the content we seek and engage with on Instagram.

Getting to Know Your Friends’ Interests

Using Dolphin Radar to see likes on Instagram of others is a great way to understand your friends’ interests better. If you’re looking for an anniversary gift for your partner, checking what pictures they’ve liked on Instagram can give you clues about what they might enjoy. It’s a creative way to ensure they receive a gift they will love while keeping the surprise.

Learn More About Your Favorite Celebrities

Celebrity gossip is always intriguing, but it’s hard to know what’s true. With Dolphin Radar, you can get closer to your favorite celebrities by seeing their likes on Instagram. You can even find out when they’re most active on Instagram, which might help you get a response the next time you comment on their posts.

The newly introduced Top Accounts feature on Dolphin Radar offers exclusive insights into Celebrity Influencers’ Instagram accounts. Ideal for fans, marketers, and media professionals, it allows you to track and analyze trends in celebrity social media activities, including likes, follows, and follower growth. Generate in-depth Instagram tracking reports to gain a comprehensive understanding of celebrity social interactions.

Don’t worry, your private tracking will not be shown here.

Top Accounts feature

Keep an Eye on Your Kids

Social media has opened new avenues for concerned parents to monitor their children’s online activities. Thankfully, Dolphin Radar provides peace of mind by allowing you to track your children’s likes and follows on Instagram, ensuring their online safety.

Tracking Your Key Clients

For business owners, understanding your key clients’ social media behavior can provide critical insights into their preferences and trends. With Dolphin Radar, you can monitor the Instagram activities of these important accounts, helping you tailor your marketing and engagement strategies to better align with their interests. This strategic approach can enhance client relationships and drive business success.

Get Started With Dolphin Radar Today

If you’re curious about seeing what others like on Instagram, Dolphin Radar is your solution. It enables you to view someone’s Instagram likes, helping you gain deeper insights into the lives of those you’re interested in. Sign up today and start tracking.