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2024-05-06 11:40:51

Top 25 Instagram Followers Trackers for 2024

Today, I’m continuing our series with “Top 25 Instagram Followers Trackers: Best Tools for Effective Monitoring for 2024.”

This blog post is a comprehensive roundup of practical Instagram tracking tools, including previously reviewed tools and new additions, totaling 25 tools. I’m confident they’ll be useful to you!

When it comes to monitoring activity on Instagram, there are several approaches you can take. You can either do it manually or use a third-party service.

If you choose to manually track activity, the best method is to carefully observe the follower count and engagement levels. However, this approach can be quite demanding, and it’s not always straightforward to maintain accurate records of these fluctuations.

This is where an Instagram account tracker becomes essential for others. An Instagram account tracker is a tool that enables individuals to view the followers and their activities on Instagram. With this tool, one can easily monitor an account and gain detailed insights into the followers’ behaviors.

1-Dolphin Radar

When it comes to monitoring Instagram activity, Dolphin Radar is the top choice, without question. Tailored specifically for Instagram tracking, this tool offers detailed insights into your tracked account’s activity. It reveals the posts they like, the users they engage with most frequently, recent followings including the timing, the hashtags they commonly interact with, and the main topics of the posts they favor.

Dolphin Radar’s tracking capabilities have been significantly enhanced. You can now access historical posts of the person you’re tracking and view suspected accounts linked to your tracked Instagram profile across Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, and Snapchat.

Furthermore, Dolphin Radar allows you to download the analytics. All data, including details not shown above, can be accessed in a downloadable CSV file, ensuring you have comprehensive insights at your fingertips.

Privacy and Subscription Plans

The information accessed through Dolphin Radar is not considered private, so there is no invasion of privacy. The tool offers various subscription plans, with prices starting at $4.49 per month.

Historical Data and Reports

Dolphin Radar also provides 36 weeks of historical reports, which aids in gaining a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s social media behavior.


BotRemoval is designed specifically for Instagram users who need to remove fake accounts and bots from their followers list. These inauthentic followers can skew engagement metrics and harm the credibility of an account, making BotRemoval crucial for achieving genuine engagement. The tool uses sophisticated algorithms to examine follower lists, identifying fake accounts to provide a more accurate view of real audience engagement.

Features of BotRemoval:

BotRemoval boosts the authenticity of your Instagram account by identifying and flagging suspicious followers. This enables users to make informed decisions about who to remove, improving the health of their account. The tool provides detailed authenticity reports and easy-to-use analytics, making it a top choice for anyone looking to maintain a genuine Instagram presence.

Using BotRemoval:

Getting started with BotRemoval is easy. Simply connect your Instagram account to the tool, and it will immediately begin analyzing your followers. The dashboard shows a breakdown of authentic versus inauthentic followers and allows you to take action against identified bots. Regular scans can be set up to keep a continuous check on new followers, helping keep your account clean. Consistent use of BotRemoval ensures that your follower base accurately reflects your true audience, enhancing both engagement and credibility.


Crowdfire is a comprehensive social media management tool that goes beyond simple follower tracking. It’s designed for individuals and businesses who want to optimize their presence across platforms like Instagram. Crowdfire helps you discover and schedule content, manage multiple social accounts from one place, and analyze your social media performance. It’s ideal for users looking to increase their follower base with engaging content and strategic posts.

Features of Crowdfire

Crowdfire enhances your social media strategy with powerful content curation recommendations, allowing you to find and post content that resonates with your audience. It also provides detailed analytics to track follower growth and engagement, and supports management of multiple social media accounts, making it a versatile tool for marketers and content creators.

How to Use Crowdfire

To get started with Crowdfire, sign up, link your social media profiles, including Instagram, and explore the ‘Content Curation’ section for content ideas. Schedule your posts directly through the tool to maintain a consistent and engaging content strategy. Use the analytics dashboard to track performance and discover what content drives engagement and follower growth. Crowdfire’s user-friendly interface and robust features make it essential for enhancing your social media presence.


Phantombuster is a cloud-based tool that provides a comprehensive set of automation tools for social media platforms, including Instagram. It’s ideal for tech-savvy marketers and businesses that want to automate repetitive tasks such as following, liking, and commenting to boost engagement and expand their follower base.

Phantombuster can be especially effective for those seeking to extract data and insights from social media platforms to enhance their strategies.

Features of Phantombuster Phantombuster’s primary feature is its ability to automate a wide range of actions on Instagram, including following and unfollowing accounts, liking posts, and sending direct messages. It also excels in data extraction, enabling users to collect important information about followers, hashtags, and competitors. This data is crucial for refining your social media strategy and targeting your content more accurately. Additionally, Phantombuster’s APIs allow for integration with other tools and platforms, providing versatility in how you manage and analyze your social media activities.

5-Data Jam

Data Jam is a powerful Instagram analytics tool designed for social media managers and digital marketers, offering real-time tracking of Instagram activities. It delivers detailed insights into follower behavior and post performance, allowing for strategic decision-making in Instagram campaigns.

Features of Data Jam Data Jam excels with its in-depth analytics of user engagement and monitoring of key metrics like likes, comments, and shares. It also provides alerts for unfollows and new followers, helping users stay updated on their audience’s dynamics. The tool’s user interface is streamlined and straightforward, facilitating easy navigation and interpretation of comprehensive data. This assists users in crafting content strategies based on the actionable insights Data Jam offers.

Using Data Jam Getting started with Data Jam involves securely linking your Instagram account. Once linked, the tool begins monitoring and displaying metrics on its dashboard. Users can tailor their tracking preferences to concentrate on specific metrics, such as engagement rates or follower demographics. Periodic reports can be generated to evaluate the impact of content strategies, enabling users to fine-tune their posts for improved outcomes.


Pecifically designed for parents, KidGuard helps monitor children’s Instagram activities to ensure their safety online, tracking messages, comments, and followed accounts.

  • Unique Features: Specifically designed for parental control, focusing on easy monitoring of children’s Instagram activities.
  • Drawbacks: Lacks the depth of features found in more robust monitoring tools; primarily suited for basic tracking.


Hoverwatch tracks location, records calls, and captures screenshots of the Instagram activity. Its stealth mode ensures that the monitoring is completely undetectable.

  • Unique Features: Offers stealth monitoring of Instagram with additional features like location tracking and call recording.
  • Drawbacks: The user interface is not as polished as competitors; known to drain battery life of the installed device.


This app captures screenshots of Instagram activities and logs keystrokes to give a detailed report of what is being typed and shared on the tracked account.

  • Unique Features: Captures detailed logs of keystrokes and screenshots, offering an extensive overview of user activity on Instagram.
  • Drawbacks: The intrusive nature of the monitoring might raise privacy concerns; also tends to be more expensive.


Offers tracking capabilities for Instagram that include monitoring messages and media shared in conversations, as well as updates on profile changes.

  • Unique Features: Provides an intuitive user interface and comprehensive monitoring of all Instagram activities, including the ability to view deleted messages.
  • Drawbacks: Some users report reliability issues; the tool may require occasional reinstallation.


Known for its stealth mode and ease of use, Spyic allows you to discreetly track Instagram activities like messages and shared links without being detected.

  • Unique Features: Features a stealth mode for discreet monitoring and offers a broad range of tracking features without alerting the target device.
  • Drawbacks: Advanced features may require rooting or jailbreaking the device, and the premium version can be costly.

11-Reports+ for Followers Tracker

Once again, this tool offers a lot of similar follower analytics as many other follower trackers. However, the dashboard is really easy to understand and large print numbers highlight the most important information first. Emojis make it easy to follow, and it’s accurate and reliable.

The tool looks professional and you also have the option to batch unfollow those who aren’t engaged with your account. It’s available on iOS for a yearly, monthly, or six-month subscription.


A comprehensive monitoring tool that allows users to track Instagram messages, posts, and even likes and comments on someone else’s profile.

  • Unique Features: Offers a comprehensive suite of monitoring tools, including real-time updates on Instagram activities like messages, posts, likes, and comments. It is known for its user-friendly interface.
  • Drawbacks: It is one of the more expensive options available and requires a complex installation process.

13- uMobix

Umobix is an all-encompassing mobile tracking tool tailored for those looking to monitor smartphone usage. It’s especially suited for parents who wish to keep tabs on their children’s digital activities, offering peace of mind about their online safety.



  • Real-time location tracking: Shows the current GPS location of the device.
  • Social media monitoring: Provides access to interactions and content on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Call log and SMS tracking: Logs both incoming and outgoing calls and messages.
  • Stealth mode: Functions covertly without the device user’s knowledge.

Installation and Compatibility:

  • Quick setup process that necessitates physical access to the target smartphone.
  • Supports both iOS and Android devices.

User Support:

  • Comes with 24/7 customer support to assist users with any inquiries or technical issues.

Data Security:

  • Prioritizes user data protection, employing encryption to secure personal information.

When selecting a reliable Instagram spy tool, uMobix offers a range of features that can help maintain a vigilant eye on Instagram activities, among other digital behaviors. Users typically appreciate its intuitive interface and prompt customer service response.

14- spynger

Spynger is a specialized Instagram monitoring tool designed for those who need to observe activities on specific Instagram accounts. It is primarily used by parents to oversee their children’s social media interactions or by individuals focused on account security.



  • Stealth Mode: Functions quietly without notifying the monitored device’s user.
  • Easy Access to Direct Messages: Enables viewing of both sent and received private messages.
  • Activity Tracking: Tracks likes, comments, and follows associated with the targeted account.


  • User-Friendly Interface: Features a simple dashboard for effortless navigation.
  • Real-Time Updates: Provides immediate updates on user activities.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with multiple operating systems, including iOS and Android.


  • 24/7 Customer Support: They provide round-the-clock assistance for any issues or queries.
  • Regular Updates: The tool receives frequent updates for performance optimization.
  • Guided Installation: Customers receive step-by-step assistance through the installation process.

Spynger ensures that users have a reliable and efficient tool for Instagram monitoring while maintaining security and user-friendliness.

15- Phonsee

Phonsee is an Instagram monitoring tool tailored for users looking to discreetly track activities on Instagram. It enables tracking of messages, media shared, and interactions on the accounts it oversees.


Key Features:

  • Message Tracking: Phonsee enables users to monitor direct messages exchanged on the linked Instagram account.
  • Media Monitoring: Users can access and view photos and videos shared or received through the monitored account.
  • Interaction Overview: The tool provides a comprehensive overview of likes, comments, and follows, showcasing the account’s engagement with other users.

User Experience:

  • Ease of Use: Phonsee is known for its user-friendly interface.
  • Installation Process: The initial setup is straightforward and is completed with guidance to help users start monitoring quickly.

Privacy & Discretion:

  • The developers of Phonsee emphasize the tool’s discretion, ensuring that the monitored user remains unaware of its presence.
  • Users are advised to comply with privacy laws in their jurisdiction when using spy tools.

Support & Assistance:

Phonsee provides customer support for any technical issues or queries, available through their dedicated channels to assist subscribers.


Cocospy is a phone monitoring tool that enables stealthy observation of someone’s Instagram activities. This means you can track the target device without the user noticing. The tool provides access to the target’s conversations across various social media platforms, including Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, and Snapchat.

A specific feature of this tool allows you to see both incoming and outgoing messages along with their timestamps. Cocospy is straightforward to install and set up on the target device. After installation, you can monitor nearly all the user’s actions on their device through a detailed dashboard.

Key features of this monitoring tool include:

  • Social media monitoring
  • Call tracking
  • Geofence alerts
  • Browser history tracking


Hoverwatch is an Instagram monitoring tool that operates stealthily and remotely. Unlike typical monitoring tools, Hoverwatch captures activities through screenshots instead of direct app interaction. It automatically detects when the target person uses specific apps like Instagram and captures these moments, storing them in an online portal.

All screenshots are centralized in one location within the portal, regardless of whether they originate from Instagram, WhatsApp, or SMS interactions. The tool continuously captures and uploads screenshots, allowing you to see real-time activities such as scrolling through feeds or replying to messages.

Due to its continuous tracking, the portal may accumulate numerous screenshots, which can make locating specific ones from Instagram a bit cumbersome. However, Hoverwatch ensures that these screenshots are of high quality. Additionally, you can adjust the settings to modify how frequently screenshots are taken and uploaded.


Glassagram is an excellent Instagram monitoring tool for tracking children’s online activities. Using this tool, you can monitor your target’s Instagram profile anonymously and gather the necessary information about them. The installation process is quick, and you can explore its features to understand how it functions before installation.

This tool is ready for use within a minute and provides real-time updates, ensuring you don’t miss out on any activities your target person engages in on Instagram. Key features of this Instagram monitoring tool include:

  • Story viewer
  • Video tracker
  • Direct messages viewer
  • Likes viewer
  • Location tracker


Iconosquare significantly simplifies your social media management. It’s an all-encompassing tool that offers insights, scheduling capabilities, and even analysis of your Instagram Stories. Additionally, you can link all your social media profiles to obtain analytics across all your platforms from a single dashboard.

Pricing for Iconosquare starts at $29 per month, but they offer a 14-day free trial, allowing you to test it out before making any commitment.

After signing up and logging in, you can connect your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok accounts to start accessing valuable data. For instance, you can identify your top posts, determine the optimal times for posting, and track your hashtag usage.

Iconosquare does more than just manage your followers; it provides comprehensive analytics that aid in making informed decisions about what engages your audience the most.

You can export reports for custom time periods and schedule your posts well in advance. The tool also supports team collaboration by enabling you to send content for approval before it goes live.

Moreover, Iconosquare helps you stay attuned to your audience by tracking unread comments and messages, allowing for quicker and more purposeful responses. You can also keep an eye on your competitors and monitor your brand’s online presence.


Many people don’t realize that on Instagram, the quality of followers is more important than the quantity. Are they genuine individuals, or just spam accounts? Having a large number of spam or ghost followers can actually harm your credibility. This is why monitoring your followers and removing these undesirable accounts is crucial. GhostHunter is an excellent tool for effectively managing this issue.

GhostHunter actively monitors your followers and eliminates inactive, ghost, and commercial accounts. This action not only protects your account from spam and phishing attempts but also enhances your Instagram reach and engagement. You can adjust your security settings according to your preference, making them either strict or lenient.

By purifying your followers list, you ensure more genuine interactions and eliminate irrelevant content from fake accounts. GhostHunter is also user-friendly; just input your username, choose your preferred cleanup options, and it tidies up your profile. Additionally, you can activate ongoing account protection to secure your Instagram permanently.

21-Followers & Unfollowers

With Followers & Unfollowers, you can gain insights from your Instagram profile and manage your followers more effectively. This tool includes features for identifying and removing fake followers, helping to maintain the health and authenticity of your account.

Bulk unfollowing allows you to easily unfollow up to 50 accounts that don’t reciprocate your follow, saving you time from having to analyze and decide on each follower. To ensure your most valued followers are never unfollowed, you can whitelist them.

You can quickly view mutual followers, people you aren’t following back, and the most recent accounts to unfollow you. The tool also supports multi-account login, letting you switch easily between different Instagram accounts if you manage more than one.

This tool is available for Android devices. It’s free to download, although there are in-app purchases available to enhance its features.

22-Data Jam

This fascinating tool allows you to view other users’ Instagram stories anonymously. You can see likes, followers, comments, and posts without needing to follow them. For example, you can discover who follows whom on Instagram and how often they like posts from those accounts. This is especially useful for business accounts to understand what their target market appreciates about competitors’ posts.

You will have access to a person’s comments in full text, including those that have been deleted. Monitor who your target audience has recently followed and see who they’ve unfollowed to avoid making similar errors.

The same applies to stories. You can view any story from any user, even 24 hours after it has been deleted. You can watch or download it to your device. You can even see who likes a particular profile but hasn’t followed it yet.

And you can do all of this anonymously!

Like most other tools, you can also analyze your own account to see who likes your content most often, who unfollows you, and who views your posts and stories.

Data Jam offers a one-day free trial and is accessible through your web browser.

23-Unfollowers & Ghost Followers

With this tool, you can identify unfollowers, fans, and mutual followers, among others. It also includes unique features like global shout-outs and media shout-outs to help promote yourself, which many Instagram follower tracking tools don’t offer.

The tool also provides a “smart feed” that suggests content based on the people you follow. You’ll discover photos, videos, and articles that might interest you.

You can whitelist your favorite followers to easily keep tabs on them and ensure they don’t get unfollowed. Additionally, it supports multiple accounts, allowing you to switch seamlessly between them.

Included within the tool is an FAQ, a how-to section, and numerous other resources. It’s available for Android devices and is free to download, although there are some in-app purchases available to unlock extra features.


Followmeter features a sleek and intuitive dashboard that provides all the information you need about your Instagram account. You can view comprehensive details about your profile on a single screen or explore in-depth metrics related to your profile engagements.

With ease, you can unfollow accounts that negatively impact your credibility or quickly spot your best-performing posts. The tool also offers detailed analytics for likes and comments on posts, as well as insights into your story interactions.

You’ll be able to identify who engages most frequently with your content, and you can also discover who views your stories without following you. This is particularly useful for targeting an audience that hasn’t fully engaged with your account yet.

The tool allows you to analyze your best and worst posts, breaking them down by the most/least likes, comments, views, or by combining these metrics for an overall view. Attractive graphs and charts simplify the process of monitoring your account growth.

Followmeter is available on iOS and operates on a subscription basis, priced at $7.99/week, $14.99/month, or $29.99/year.

25-InStalker — IG Profile Tracker

This is one of the highest-rated tracking tools available on the Google Play Store. The tool, designed for Android devices, enables you to discover a variety of details about your Instagram account. You can see who is secretly viewing your profile without following, and you can also secretly watch and download stories.

Additionally, it provides access to recent followers and unfollowers, along with a complete profile analysis of your most liked, most commented, and least engaged posts.

Although the data provided is quite comprehensive, it lacks bulk actions and whitelisting capabilities. Users have also reported some sketchy and annoying in-app purchases. On the bright side, the tool is free to use.