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2024-05-06 07:59:10

Top 5 Unrivaled Instagram Spy Tools

If you want to monitor the Instagram activities of someone important to you, consider using an Instagram activity tracker. This tool helps you understand their social interactions by showing who they follow, the posts they like, and their most frequent contacts. It’s useful for overseeing the online behavior of underage family members or simply for satisfying curiosity about a partner’s social media habits.

How to Choose an Instagram Spy Tool

Instagram is the preferred social network for many young people, offering a platform to express themselves through images rather than words. For those interested in the activities of others on this platform, whether it’s to understand a partner’s interests or keep in touch with friends, an Instagram activity tracker is an invaluable tool. It allows you to see who they’re following, which posts they’re liking, and their most frequent interactions.

To achieve optimal tracking results, this article will introduce five highly practical Instagram tracking tools.

Here’s what to look for in an Instagram monitoring tool:

· Stealth mode: The top tracking tool should operate covertly, ensuring the target individual remains unaware of any monitoring.

· No rooting: An ideal Instagram tracking tool should not require rooting, allowing for straightforward tracking of activities and messages without complex processes.

· Ease of Use: The best tools should not be complex and ideally support online tracking without accessing your own account. If it’s an application, it should be easy to install and not necessarily on the target’s device.

· Functionalities: The best tracking tool should offer a wide range of features, including the ability to monitor profile details, likes, active time on Instagram, as well as provide activity logs.

Instagram spy tools offer a range of features and capabilities. Therefore, select the tool that allows you to monitor the specific details you are interested in regarding the user’s activities on this social media platform.

As suggested, Instagram spy tools come with various features and functionalities. However, an ideal spy software should grant you access to the following details.

· The target person’s followers and users they follow

· Active time

· Who comments and likes their posts

· Most commented and interacted

· Tags

If you think or suspect that your spouse or child is engaging in lousy activity on this platform, the following tools can help you spy on them without their realization.

Since the person you’re monitoring may block you if they suspect they’re being watched, it’s important that the tool operates in stealth mode. If you’re concerned that your spouse or child might be engaging in inappropriate activities on this platform, the following tools can help you discreetly keep an eye on their actions without them knowing.

Dolphin Radar

Dolphin Radar is a tool designed for tracking Instagram accounts! Discover who they’re following, whose posts they’re liking, and who they’re engaging with the most.

Features of Dolphin Radar include:

· What posts the user liked

· Whose posts they like a lot

· New follows and when they followed them

· Popular hashtags in liked posts

· Topics the user often interacts with

· View historical posts


uMobix allows users to track and monitor someone’s Instagram account effectively. You can even manage and adjust the target’s social media settings to fit your monitoring needs. Importantly, this Instagram monitoring tool is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Once you’ve installed the uMobix tool on the target device, you can head to the dashboard to activate Instagram monitoring and view their activities in real-time. Instead of text logs, this tool captures and displays activities through screenshots, ensuring you receive frequent updates with multiple images.

These screenshots capture a variety of activities within Instagram, such as scrolling through the feed, visiting profiles, responding to direct messages, or commenting on posts.

Key advantages of uMobix include:

· Competitive pricing

· A wide array of features

· Simple installation process


Cocospy is a phone monitoring tool that enables stealthy observation of someone’s Instagram activities. This means you can track the target device without the user noticing. The tool provides access to the target’s conversations across various social media platforms, including Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, and Snapchat.

A specific feature of this tool allows you to see both incoming and outgoing messages along with their timestamps. Cocospy is straightforward to install and set up on the target device. After installation, you can monitor nearly all the user’s actions on their device through a detailed dashboard.

Key features of this monitoring tool include:

· Social media monitoring

· Call tracking

· Geofence alerts

· Browser history tracking


Hoverwatch is an Instagram monitoring tool that operates stealthily and remotely. Unlike typical monitoring tools, Hoverwatch captures activities through screenshots instead of direct app interaction. It automatically detects when the target person uses specific apps like Instagram and captures these moments, storing them in an online portal.

All screenshots are centralized in one location within the portal, regardless of whether they originate from Instagram, WhatsApp, or SMS interactions. The tool continuously captures and uploads screenshots, allowing you to see real-time activities such as scrolling through feeds or replying to messages.

Due to its continuous tracking, the portal may accumulate numerous screenshots, which can make locating specific ones from Instagram a bit cumbersome. However, Hoverwatch ensures that these screenshots are of high quality. Additionally, you can adjust the settings to modify how frequently screenshots are taken and uploaded.


Glassagram is an excellent Instagram monitoring tool for tracking children’s online activities. Using this tool, you can monitor your target’s Instagram profile anonymously and gather the necessary information about them. The installation process is quick, and you can explore its features to understand how it functions before installation.

This tool is ready for use within a minute and provides real-time updates, ensuring you don’t miss out on any activities your target person engages in on Instagram. Key features of this Instagram monitoring tool include:

· Story viewer

· Video tracker

· Direct messages viewer

· Likes viewer

· Location tracker