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How To See Who My Boyfriend Followed On Instagram Recently?

Discovering the latest accounts that your boyfriend has started following on Instagram can spark curiosity or provide peace of mind. With social interactions occurring digitally more than ever, the dynamics of relationships often extend to our online activity. While Instagram itself does not offer a direct, sorted list of recent follows, there are a few indirect methods you can use.

Whether you’re trying to see who your boyfriend follows on Instagram or want to know his followers but aren’t in a relationship with him yet, I’ve got you covered. Let’s get into it!

Uncover Boyfriend’s Recent Instagram Follows

Understanding the Instagram interface is key to monitoring the online activities of people important to us. By paying close attention, you can deduce who your boyfriend has recently followed on Instagram.

To start, open Instagram, visit your boyfriend’s profile, and tap on the “Following” tab to see the list of people he follows.

Since June 2021, Instagram has removed the ability to view followers in chronological order. If your boyfriend follows many accounts, manually scrolling through this list can be time-consuming. However, third-party tools are available that can help you identify recent follows more efficiently.

Third-party Monitoring Tools

Third-party monitoring tools provide several advantages for individuals looking to monitor someone’s Instagram activities, particularly in tracking the accounts recently followed by a user.

Dolphin Radar is such a convenient, secure online tool for Instagram tracking that lets you view an account’s followers without needing the password or access. It allows you to easily check who your boyfriend is following on Instagram.

How you can track your boyfriend’s Instagram account with Dolphinradar

  • Step 1: Head over to Dolphin Radar and sign up. Once you’re in, navigate to your Dashboard.

  • Step 2: Add your boyfriend’s Instagram account to your tracking list. Just a heads-up, though — Dolphin Radar’s tracking capabilities are limited to public Instagram accounts. So, if your boyfriend’s account is private, Dolphinradar won’t be able to track it.

  • Step 3: After adding his Instagram account to the tracking list, all you need to do is sit back and wait for Dolphin Radar to whip up a detailed analysis report for you.

what kind of info you can dig up with Dolphin Radar’s Instagram activity tracking reports?

Here’s a sneak peek at Dolphin Radar’s Activity Analytics Sample, which you can use to see if their service meets your needs. I’ve also put together a quick rundown of the info to help you out. Hope this helps!

Overview of Your Boyfriend’s Instagram Activity

Dolphin Radar offers a snapshot of your boyfriend’s Instagram activities over the past week. This includes his active time slots on Instagram, any changes in the accounts he follows (including new follows and unfollows), how many likes he’s dished out, and the accounts he interacts with the most.

Details on Likes

You’ll see a detailed list of all the likes your boyfriend has made on Instagram over the past week. This includes the accounts he liked, the number of likes, and the content of those likes. You can even click on user avatars and liked content to jump directly to the corresponding Instagram page or post. This makes it easier for you to check if his likes raise any red flags.

Your Boyfriend’s Instagram Interest Tags

Dolphinradar uses big data analytics to analyze the content and accounts your boyfriend likes. Then, it displays his recent interests in a tag cloud format. When your boyfriend suddenly gets interested in stuff he never cared about before, it can often be a red flag. Keep an eye out!

View past posts:

Following our April 22nd update, you can now view your boyfriend’s historical posts. Dolphin Radar offers a much more efficient way than checking his account post by post.

View Top 5 Accounts With Most Comments:

View suspected accounts:

Dolphin Radar’s tracking has leveled up! Now, identify potential suspicious accounts linked to your tracked Instagram profile across Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, and Snapchat.

Analytics now downloadable:

Download the analytics and access all data in the CSV file, including details not shown above.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To See Who My Boyfriend Followed On Instagram Recently

Can I Check My Boyfriend’s Instagram Followers?

Yes! After signing up for Dolphin Radar, just enter the Instagram username you want to track, and let Dolphin Radar handle the rest. Remember, we can only track public accounts; private Instagram profiles are beyond our reach.

Do I need to provide my Instagram account details?

Not at all. You don’t need to give us any information about your Instagram account. In fact, you can use Dolphin Radar even if you don’t have an Instagram account.

Will the Instagram accounts I track know I’m tracking them?

Definitely not. Your tracking is 100% anonymous with Dolphin Radar. Track with peace of mind.


Monitoring your boyfriend’s Instagram activity can be simple. Following these steps, you now know how to see who he’s recently followed. It’s important to remember that trust is fundamental in any relationship, and open communication should always be your initial approach. With this knowledge, you’re ready to confidently manage the social dynamics on Instagram!