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2024-04-22 09:37:41

How To See Other People’s Likes On Instagram?

Social media lets us see what our friends, family, and celebs are really up to. Before, you’d have to dig through magazines to find out about a star’s likes and dislikes. Now, apps like Instagram show us their daily lives directly.

While Instagram posts reveal much about someone, the posts they like, follow, and comment on tell you even more. But when Instagram removed their ‘following’ activity tab in 2019, it became harder to track others’ likes on Instagram.

Good news for the curious ones looking to dive deeper into the lives of their friends, family, and celebrity crushes: seeing likes on Instagram of others is still possible. Dolphin Radar, an Instagram Activity Tracker, unveils the Instagram actions hidden from the app’s direct view. Let’s explore how this user-friendly tool can help you discover the likes on Instagram of someone and unlock other insights with Dolphin Radar.

How To See What People Liked On Instagram

Dolphin Radar emerges as a legitimate and effective tool for Instagram activity tracking, offering real insights without the fluff. Designed to cater to individuals, small businesses, and professionals, it’s the go-to solution for those seeking to understand user interactions on Instagram genuinely.

Whether you’re watching over your kids on Instagram, tracking a partner, or understanding clients for your business, Dolphin Radar offers a plan for you. Choose from our three monthly options, designed for the amount of accounts you need to track.

Choose Who to Monitor

After selecting a Dolphin Radar plan, head over to the Dolphin Radar Dashboard to access activity reports of the accounts you’re keeping tabs on. Just enter their Instagram usernames to add accounts, and Dolphin Radar will pull together a detailed activity report for you. Plus, there’s no need to worry — they won’t know you’re keeping an eye on them!

What kind of info you can dig up with Dolphin Radar’s Instagram activity tracking reports?

Here’s a sneak peek at Dolphin Radar’s Activity Analytics Sample, which you can use to see if their service meets your needs. I’ve also put together a quick rundown of the info to help you out. Hope this helps!

Overview of The Instagram Account You Want to Track

Dolphin Radar offers a snapshot of the Instagram account you want to track’s activities over the past week. This includes its active time slots on Instagram, any changes in the accounts it follows (including new follows and unfollows), how many likes it’s dished out, and the accounts it interacts with the most.

The activity report also highlights the person’s top-favored user, indicating the account they’ve liked the most. Following that, you can discover which accounts rank second, third, and so on in terms of likes received from the tracked user. This provides crucial insights into their primary interactions on Instagram.

Beyond seeing likes, you’ll uncover their preferred hashtags, such as #musician or #, shedding light on their interests and the type of content they engage with.

There are plenty of reasons to want to see someone’s likes on Instagram. The photos and videos we decide to post are only one part of the picture that social media paints of us. This is the part of ourselves that we choose to show to the world, the carefully curated idea of ourselves that we feel comfortable presenting. Our likes, however, reveal who we truly are — they show the things we seek out on Instagram and engage with.

Discover Your Friends’ Hobbies

A key advantage of using Dolphin Radar to see others’ Instagram likes is uncovering more about your friends’ hobbies and interests. Searching for the perfect gift for your partner? Their liked photos on Instagram can hint at their current interests, helping you surprise them with a thoughtful present.

Gain Insight into Celebrities

Celebrity news is always intriguing, yet it’s hard to know what’s true. Dolphin Radar lets you peer directly into the likes of your beloved stars, offering a real glimpse into their lives and habits, including when they’re most active on Instagram, giving you a better chance to interact with them directly.

Monitor Your Kids’ Activities

The digital age brings new challenges for parents eager to keep tabs on their children’s online engagements. With Dolphin Radar, you can relax a bit, knowing you can monitor the likes and follows of your kids on Instagram, helping ensure their online experiences are safe.

Get Started With Dolphin Radar Today

If you want to see what others are liking on Instagram, Dolphin Radar is the solution. It lets you discover someone’s likes on Instagram, helping you understand those you care about more deeply. Sign up now and choose from straightforward plan options to get started!