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2024-03-20 09:42:17

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Copy Comments on Instagram

How to Copy Comments on Instagram

Instagram has grown from a simple photo-sharing app to a bustling social media platform filled with interactions and engagements. As such, the ability to manage and utilize the comments section is crucial for an active social media presence. While Instagram doesn't natively offer an option to copy comments, this guide provides insights and workarounds on how to accomplish this task. Whether you want to save that perfect one-liner, share funny remarks, or keep track of user feedback, our step-by-step instructions will help you seamlessly copy comments on Instagram.

Instagram is more than just a platform for sharing photos and videos — it's a hub of engagement where comments are valuable currency. But with no built-in feature to copy comments on the app, many users are left wondering how they can preserve and share the text from these interactions.

Understanding Instagram's Functionalities

Firstly, let's delve into the Instagram interface to understand why direct copying is not a straightforward action. Instagram is designed to foster engagement and maintain a user-friendly experience, often constraining more technical functionalities like text copying.

How to Copy Comments on Instagram via Screenshots

One of the simplest methods to copy comments is by taking a screenshot. Capture the comment by pressing the appropriate button combination on your device. Screenshots can be stored, shared, or transcribed later. However, for lengthy comments, this is not the ideal solution.

Transcribing Comments Manually

If the comment is short, it might be more practical to simply type it out manually. This method guarantees accuracy and is effective for single or a few comments.

Using Third-party Apps and Tools

Several third-party apps facilitate copying comments on Instagram. Apps like 'Universal Copy' for Android or 'Repost for Instagram' provide additional functionalities, including the ability to copy text from comments. Be wary, however, of potential privacy issues and ensure you have permission to share others' comments.

Accessing Instagram via Web Browsers

Unlike its mobile counterpart, the Instagram website allows users to highlight and copy text directly from the comments section. Simply navigate to Instagram on a web browser, find the comment, and use the copy function of your browser.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

Before copying comments, it is essential to consider copyright and ethical use of content. Ensure that the copied comments are utilized in a respectful manner and that you have the author's consent when necessary.


In conclusion, while Instagram does not offer a direct copy feature, there are several workarounds available to users. From screenshots to third-party apps and browser functionalities, the options are diverse. Always remember to use these methods responsibly and respect others' intellectual property.